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Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission, Vision, & Values



Students will grow academically through self-paced inquiry in their disciplines and as reflective independent learners and thinkers, prepared for lifelong learning. Teachers will design and guide rigorous and relevant learning to challenge and develop all students.



The vision of Cabarrus Virtual Academy is to provide flexible learning to best meet students’ academic and personal needs, develop learners and thinkers and provide high quality learning and support for students across Cabarrus County.


  • Making high-level learning available to all students and supporting student success through quality course material and teacher support
  • Students learn through relevant inquiry that builds on previous learning and experiences, develops complex understanding and fosters learning awareness.
  • Teachers provide individualized coaching and guidance for learning based on student needs. 
  • Students learn to think critically and creatively with academic disciplines and can transfer understandings and skills to other areas
  • In their courses and learning students can express themselves and their identity, seeing themselves, their peers and relevance in their learning.
  • Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding.