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NC Home School Regulations


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Dual Enrollment between Public and Home School Students

In researching the viability of HomeReach, the consistent question has been: Can a student be a part-time public school student and a part-time home school student?  We believe the answer is yes.  According to the Home School Guide Book, this decision is up to the discretion of the local school system:


Page 13 of Home School Guide Book 

Student enrollment part-time in either a local conventional school or college for students who are at least age 16, enrollment in either a local conventional school or college is permissible.

College level courses (not high school), however, may be taken part-time in any subject at local colleges (either community or four-year, degree-granting colleges/universities).

Each local education agency (LEA) may have different policies relating to the enrollment of homeschool students in one or more public school courses. Please inquire of the LEA about their policies on enrolling a home school student in one or more courses and how the student will be classified by the system (as either a visiting student or a public school student of the LEA). 

Students who enroll in HomeReach, will be classified as part-time public school students in Cabarrus County Schools.